​​​​​​​​Two different craft management regimes are in place on the inland waterways. Depending on the waterway,  the rules (Bye-laws), fees and registration process differ. 




Erne System
Shannon-Erne Waterway
Shannon Navigation

Boats may travel between these navigations without re-registering. Travel to the other navigations will require a Permit.

Please see Bio-security for Boat Movements between Waterways

Barrow Navigation
Grand Canal
Royal Canal​

Boats showing a permit may travel between these navigations on the same permit. Permit holders, displaying their permit may travel to Erne, Shannon-Erne and Shannon for one month without registering. Boater planning a longer journey should register.


No charges apply

​Charges vary from Free - €278 per annum (please see permit types below)


S.I. No. 80/1992 – Shannon Navigation Bye-Laws, 1992;​
Lough Erne (Navigation) Bye-laws (Northern Ireland) 1978 and 1986​

​​S.I. No. 247 of 1988 – Canals Act, 1986 (BYE-LAWS), 1988;


Shannon Registration Form

Erne Registration Form

Either form is suitable if using a boat on the Shannon-Erne Waterway.

​​See below for more information

More Information

Email Lough Erne Warden

Email ​ Assistant Inspector of Navigation

​​New Canal Permit System for Boating on the Grand & Royal Canals and Barrow Navigation

A new regulatory system for boating on the Grand & Royal Canals and Barrow Navigation has been in place since November 2012. Following a period of rollout, Bye-law enforcement is now being undertaken on all three waterways to ensure the investment in amenities and infrastructure along all three navigations is accessible to all boaters.

The basics are:

All boats on the Barrow Navigation, Grand or Royal Canals must display a permit and comply with the terms of that permit throughout the period for which it is valid.

Three Types of Permits now offer a range of mooring and passage options from 1 month through to 12 months duration. Permits are issued on the basis of a completed application form and take the form of a window sticker which must be shown on the permitted craft at all times. 


Frequently Asked Questions  has the answers to many  Permit questions.

 Apply for a Permit

Permit Type​

More Information​


Combined Mooring & Passage Permit​


​1) Permit Application Form​

2)Supplementary Sheet - consortium.doc

Extended Mooring Permit​

1) Guidelines ​

2) Sample Licence​

3) EMP Locations​

1) Permit Application Form

2)Supplementary Sheet - consortium.doc

1 month
Visitor Permit​

​Free at the point of entry



Boats in non-compliance with the bye-laws will enter an enforcement process. Enforcement is undertaken by Authorised Officers and will begin with a notification in the form of a sticker and if non-compliance continues may result in the ​craft being removed from the navigation at the owners cost.

More information 

is available from Shane Anderson, Assistant Inspector of Navigation: Tel no +353 (0)87 286 5726, Email