Waterways Ireland | Word Steps Soundscape by Camilla Fanning

Word Steps Soundscape by Camilla Fanning

Walk the Grand Canal Dublin

This beautiful soundscape was created in 2017 by artist Camilla Fanning under the Waterways Ireland Heritage Plan 2016 - 2020.

The audio includes contributions from random passers-by on the Grand Canal in Dublin, arranged interviews, archival audio recordings and onsite field recordings. These are blended together to create a soundscape to be listened to by walkers along the canal using their own smart phones and headphones to listen to it, either streamed or downloaded from a podcast.

As you walk you hear the words, thoughts and stories from a variety of voices from the present and the past, evoking the people and locus genii of the Grand Canal. It is as if you are listening to a series of companions who join you from time to time along your way as you stroll along the canal path.

The Soundwalk is designed to start at the bridge near Google HQ, up to about the half hour point at the Bridge near Ranelagh, referencing places you will pass by. At that point you can turn back or continue, as the soundscape becomes less location specific.

  • Start point: Lock C1 near the Northumberland Rd Bridge
  • Half – way point: Lock C 6 near Charlemont St Bridge
  • Continue or return as you wish

Enjoy WORD STEPS - your Grand Canal Soundwalk

You can hear this story first hand by listening to the clipping below.

Recording- WORD STEPS (Grand Canal Soundwalk)

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