Will My Boat Fit? Lower Bann Navigation

​Lock dimensions, length and navigational criteria for the navigation.​

Length & No of Locks
Toomebridge to Coleraine Centre - 52km
No of Locks 5 (1 double))
Coleraine Centre to the  Barmouth – 8km
(Managed by Coleraine Harbour Commissioners)
Navigational Dimensions
Length of lock - 35 m
Beam of lock - 5.5 m
Draft: *1.2m
Air draft - 1.5m at high water Coleraine
              - 4.2m at low water Coleraine

Draft dimensions are given as a guide only and cannot be guaranteed.
 *Masters of deep drafted boats are asked to contact the operations office in Coleraine before travelling. Tel no +44 (0)28 7034 4342.

View here for more information about the Lower Bann Navigation.

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