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Barge Hire

Barge Hire

The network of lakes, river and canals that make up Irelands Inland Waterways are so variable they provide total opposing experiences within a 1 week holiday. Island dotted expanses of open water, mooring up alone on an island overnight, visiting old sites in the dawn-light with the only interruption the birdsong surrounding you – These lake experiences contrast sharply with the bustling riverside towns and villages, multitudes of people, party atmosphere and go, go, go of parts of the river navigations.

The traditional barges, English style narrow boats and Dutch style barges have roamed far now from their canal base, but that is where they are most at home and can be enjoyed to their maximum. Built to fit the locks exactly, they offer the maximum comfort available on the canal navigations and tour at the right speed to enable the occupier to make the most of their surroundings. Hire fleets operate on the Grand and Royal Canal and Barrow Navigation as well as the Shannon-Erne Waterway.

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