Extended Mooring Permits

Extended Mooring Permits

The Extended Mooring Permit enables a boat to stay for 12 months on a single mooring on the Grand Canal, Royal Canal or Barrow Navigation.

Other permits are available and can be checked out on the Permits page​​. For other types of mooring please visit the 'Mooring Options' page here.

Most Extended Moorings are on soft banks without services. Currently a limited number of hard-edged moorings with services are available.  All moorings are charged at the same fee regardless of services. The Extended Mooring Permit costs €152 per annum.​

Baots may still tour and moor in other locations throughout the year and return to their Extended Mooring Location. When touring boater should ensure compliance with the five day mooring rule.

A map showing all the Extended Mooring Locations is the ideal starting point for a boater seeking a longer term mooring solution on the Grand Canal, Royal Canal or Barrow Navigation.​



Extended Mooring Permit applicants must:​


    1. ​Hold a Combined Mooring And Passage Pe​rmit

    2. Read the guidance documents 

    3. Complete an application process 

    4. Provide the additional information requested

    5. Make the payment 

    6. Sign and return the license (sample license​)

    7. Display the permit 




​More information is available from Shane Anderson, Assistant  Inspector of Navigation: 

​Telephone: +353 (0)87 286 5726​

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