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Mooring Options

Mooring Options

Waterways Ireland provides public moorings of different types all along the 1000km of navigable waterway under our management. ​​

Much like a public car park, the Waterways Ireland public moorings are provided for the temporary enjoyment of tourist and recreational locations by boaters. All boats should have a home mooring, leaving the public moorings to faciltiate visitors and tourists to tour and spend in our waterway towns and villages.

Erne System
The time limit for mooring at or in the vicinity of a public mooring on the Erne System is 48 hours with boats able to return after an absence of four hours.

Shannon-Erne Waterway and the Shannon Navigation

On the Shannon-Erne Waterway and the Shannon Navigation the mooring time limit is five consecutive days or a total of seven days in any one month. 

In high season, if you wish to stay in a location longer than the limit in any of the above navigations you are advised to seek a private mooring.

Winter Mooring

Winter Moorings are available during the Closed Season (from 1st November - 31st March) on ​the Shannon-Erne Waterway and the Shannon Navigation.  For further information on winter moorings and how to apply click here.

Barrow Navigation, Grand Canal and Royal Canal
The Combined Mooring and Passage permit allows you to moor for five days in any calendar month on the canals.

Non-Residential Extended Mooring Permit (NR-EMP) permits the holder to moor in an allocated location for up to one year.  A NR-EMP is non-residential and therefore cannot be used a primary residence, however the holder is permitted to stay overnight for up to 90 days in any one year.  For further information on the locations of NR Extended Moorings moorings on the canals, click here.

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