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Mooring Options

Mooring Options

Waterways Ireland provides public moorings of different types all along the 1000km of navigable waterway under our management. ​​

Much like a public car park, the Waterways Ireland public moorings are provided for the temporary enjoyment of tourist and recreational locations by boaters. All boats should have a home mooring, leaving the public moorings to faciltiate visitors and tourists to tour and spend in our waterway towns and villages.

Mooring Options on the Shannon, Shannon-Erne and Erne

  • On the Shannon Navigation and the Shannon-Erne Waterway, mooring time limit is 5 consecutive days or a total of 7 days in any one month. The 5 day rule is in effect 365 days a yeat. A winter mooring option is availalbe for these waterways, see below.
  • The time limit for mooring at or in the vicinity of a public mooring on the Erne System is 48 hours with boats able to return after an absence of four hours.

In high season, if you wish to stay in a location longer than the limit, you are advised to seek a private mooring. Where applicable you can leave the mooring for the minimum waiting time before returning, in order to avoid a fine or other penalty.

Winter Moorings

Winter Moorings are available during the Closed Season (from 1 November - 31 March) on ​the Shannon Navigation and Shannon-Erne Waterway, You can read more about Winter Moorings and how to apply online by clicking here.


Mooring Options on the Barrow Navigation, Grand Canal and Royal Canal


On the Barrow Navigation, Grand Canal and Royal Canal 5 days mooring is available under the Combined Mooring and Passage Permit but opportunities do exist to take up 12 months mooring vacancies on serviced and un-serviced moorings.

1. Un-serviced Moorings

Waterways Ireland operates an Extended Mooring Permit (€152) which allows 12 month mooring in a single designated location. Available in over 60 locations on the Grand Canal, Barrow Navigation and Royal Canal, applications are made by way of an application form​.  

Applicants must also hold a Combined Mooring & Passage Permit (€126).

Most Extended Moorings are on soft banks without services. Currently a limited number of hard-edged moorings with services are available.  All moorings are charged at the same fee regardless of services. The Extended Mooring Permit costs €152 per annum.​

Boats may still tour and moor in other locations throughout the year and return to their Extended Mooring Location. When touring boater should ensure compliance with the five day mooring rule.

map showing all the Extended Mooring Locations is the ideal starting point for a boater seeking a longer term mooring solution on the Grand Canal, Royal Canal or Barrow Navigation.​

Find out more about Extended Mooring Permits by clicking here here.

​More information is available from Shane Anderson, Assistant  Inspector of Navigation: 

​Telephone: +353 (0)57  937 3406​


2. Serviced Moorings

There are two types of serviced moorings :

Waterways Ireland has built a houseboat mooring​ in Shannon Harbour, Co Offaly on 1 year agreements for use by people who live aboard their boats. Services include fixed timber jetties, public lighting, clean water supply, electricity supply (smartcard), access to nearby pump-out facility (smartcard), area for refuse bins, nearby toilet and shower facilities (smartcard), limited car parking (unreserved). Spaces are currently available €1250 per annum and applications are open​.

Serviced moorings are also available at the Waterways Ireland Visitor Centre in Grand Canal Dock in Dublin's Docklands. The floating moorings have public lighting, clean water supply, electricity supply (smartcard), access to nearby pump-out facility (smartcard), refuse service and nearby toilet. Currently only available for 3 month stays, spaces become available regularly and can be applied for as an Extended Mooring Permit.

Waterways Ireland recognises the current situation whereby a small number of boat owners use their boats as their sole or permanent residence. Legislation is on its way through the approval process to enable Waterways Ireland to change the Bye-law to reflect the diversity of use and develop liveaboard opportunitites where appropriate.​

More information is available from Shane Anderson, Assistant  Inspector of Navigation: 

​Telephone: +353 (0)57 937 3406​​​

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