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Winter Mooring

Winter Mooring

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters that the winter mooring period for Waterways Ireland's public harbours commences from the 1st November to the 31st March, annually.

​In the Closed Season on the Shannon Navigation and Shannon-Erne Waterway, boats are permitted to moor on the public moorings for a period in excess of the 5 day limit imposed in the Open Season. Masters are further reminded that Bye-law 17. Mooring and use of Harbours i.e. the "5 Day Rule" continues to apply during this period and that masters not wishing to avail of winter mooring should continue to observe the mooring time limits for public harbours. 


The Closed Season runs from 1 November - 31 March the following year.

The fee is €63.50 payable for the entire period in advance. Payment must be made via the 'Online Services Section' section of the Waterways Ireland website using a Credit/Debit card. Please click here to fill out the application.

If you would like more information about winter mooring please contact the Inspectorate Tel +353 (0)9064 94232


Please note:

  • Masters should also note that fresh water and electricity supply may not be available during this period at public moorings therefore any on-board services which may be depending on this electrical supply should have an alternative source of power. 
  • Masters are reminded that if availing of winter mooring that they continue to routinely monitor their vessels especially during periods of adverse weather and also be aware of rising/falling water levels that will require adjustment of mooring lines. 
  • Owners please note that vessels berthed in public harbours are at the owners risk at all times and may be directed to other harbours as operational exigencies require. 
  • Maintenance works on the waterways are, where possible, carried out during the winter months i.e. 1st November to 17th March. Before travelling you are advised to view the Marine Notices or contact the Inspectorate: +353 (0)906 494 232.

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