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Extended Mooring Permits

Extended Mooring Permits

Non-Residential Extended Mooring Permit (NR-EMP) permits the holder to moor in an allocated location for up to one year.  A NR-EMP is non-residential and therefore cannot be used a primary residence, however the holder is permitted to stay overnight for up to 90 days in any one year.  A NR-EMP costs €278 which includes the cost of a CMP.

​Most extended moorings are on soft banks without services. Boats may still tour and moor in other locations throughout the year and return to their Non-Residential Extended Mooring Location.  When touring you must comly with the five day mooring rule.  A map showing all the extended mooring locations is the ideal starting point for a boater seeking a longer term mooring solution on the Grand Canal, Royal Canal or Barrow Navigation.​

For information on other permits click here.

​- Barrow Navigation
​- Grand Canal
​- Royal Canal
Extended Mooring Permit Applicants must:
1. Read the guidance documents​
2. Complete the online application form
3. Upload the additional information requested​
4. Make the online payment ​
6. Display the permit ​
Frequently Asked Questions:
​- Extended Mooring Locations
- Touring with an Extended Mooring Permits
- Houseboat Queries
- How to make an application or payment
- Enforcement of the Bye-laws​​​

For further information is available by contacting the Assistant Inspector of Navigation
tel: +353 (0) 57 937 3406

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