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On-Shore Services

On-Shore Services

Waterways Ireland provides a range of services on the navigations we manage

​Water: Waterways Ireland provides potable water at almost all jetties, mooring and harbour. These are marked on the maps. This water is treated and drinkable.  Where possible we advise boaters to use water conservatively. Boat washing and rinsing should be done with non-potable water.

Electricity: Waterways Ireland has rolled out a programme of shore power or electricity bollards on Waterways Ireland jetties along the navigations. Operated with a smart card​, the electricity is available to boat users with their own electric cable (length not to exceed 10m) plugged into the service bollard.

One Smart Card unit is approximately 2 electricity units (kWh).  10 unit smart cards cost €6.35 and 20 unit cards cost €12.70.  Smarts cards can be purchased online or from an outlet near the waterway.

How to Use Shore Power a Bollard: Note: 

1 unit = 2 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity, i.e. a 2kw heater will run for 1 hour on a smart card unit.   Each  kWh = £0.55 or €0.63

  1. ​​Insert plug into socket no 1 or no 2 by lifting the cover

  2. To secure the plug turn the safety switch clockwise. To remove the plug turn safety switch anti-clockwise

  3. Insert Waterways Ireland Smart Card, into the card reader and leave until instructed to remove it​

  4. ​Check the screen for text " Select Plug and number of kWh"
    If your plug is in socket no 1 press C for ok, if your plug is in socket no 2, press B and then C for ok

  5. Select the number of power you would like from 2kWh to 26 kWh by pressing  A(-) or B(+) until the required supply is shown on the screen.

  6. Then press C for ok.

  7. Press C again to reconfirm your choice

  8. Remove the smart card

  9. Remember: before trying to remove the plug, turn the safety switch to the fully upright position.


1. Where are the moorings with electricity on the navigations?


​Number of shore points

Lough Key

6 ​bollards x 2 = 12

Richmond Harbour

2 x 2 = 4 (Loca-boat)


2 x 2 = 4


6 x 2 =12 (House boat moorings)

Leitrim Village moorings

2 x 2 = 4


2x2 =4 

2. What kind of cable should I use to connect to the shore power bollard? 

Boat users are required to use their own electric cable shorter than 10m in length, preferably high performance copper flexible braiding, insulated with a transparent PVC outer coating. One end of the cable must be wired with a 16amp/220 volt outdoor blur plug (service bollard). The other end should be fitted with a 13amp, 2 or 3 way multi-socket (boat). The plugs and sockets should be fitted, tested and fully certified by a qualified electrician.

3. Where can I buy a smart card? 

The retail outlets selling smart cards are downloadable here.  They can be purchase from Waterways Ireland offices, from patrollers on the Shannon Erne Waterway and from our online shop www.shopwaterwaysireland.org​.

4. How will I know if the power has run out?  

If the bollard light is on, it will flash a number of times and power will go out for 3secs. The bollard display will indicate that 190 seconds remain. If you wish to continue to use electricity, please insert a new card and repeat the process above.

5. If the power trips do I lose my smart card units? 

No the kwh stay on the console while the trip switch on the bollard is being reset.

6. How can I check how many units I have left on my smart card? 

Insert the card briefly into the reader and the remaining units will flash up.

7. Why is the electricity not working? 

Ensure that you have purchased electricity for the correct plug. Alternatively, the power will not come on until the safety switch has been turned on the plug.

8. Why will the plug not come out? 

The plug will not come out until the safety switch has been turned to the upright position.

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