The Sinking of the 63M

​#OTD 3rd February 1948

'The Grand Canal Company's Motor Barge 63M left Limerick at 8.45am on the 3rd February 1948 with a cargo of 24 ¼ tons of flour, sundries and empty casks on board. Her engine stopped at the turn of the Grove island in the Abbey River, immediately outside the Tidal Lock.

She drifted down-stream and struck against Baal's Bridge, and the two men on board had just time to jump on to the bridge abutment on the right side and were rescued. The boat then drifted through the bridge and on to the Matthew Bridge where she went broadside in the centre arch with her stern under water and her stem towards the right bank where she is presently secured with ropes.

Some of the cargo was washed away.'

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