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On your arrival, and after completing your paperwork, the boat company’s representative will take your family on a tour of their boat, showing you how to operate the boat and all the central heating, electronic and kitchen equipment. Your customer adviser will work with your family to train the selected driver(s) and answer all your questions. They are also available at the end of the phone should you have any questions while on your trip. A full set of maps, guides and boat information is also on board.

Bad weather can raise some families concerns about drying off and keeping warm on board. All hire cruisers now have on-board central heating where you can decide how long and how much heat you need to keep your family warm. And if your lucky enough to be on a barge, some of them have pot-bellied stoves and a supply of turf and sticks to really provide that warm cosy feeling!

Each boat has a number of bedrooms and a salon which can also be used for sleeping. Some boats have a main bathroom and one ensuite. On some craft all the rooms are ensuite! Each company features their boat layout on their websites to enable to you to make the best decision about the format that suits you. A reference such as  4+2 means bedrooms for 4 and sleeping space for 2 in the salon. Boats range in rise from 2+2 to 10+2 and so can suit most family configurations.


Your boat is your luxury floating hotel and your hire car all in one. On a per person, per night basis, boat hire provides excellent value for money for families of their stay, and obviously, its better value the longer you stay.

Cruisers, in particular the new fleets have all the mod-cons you would expect. Wifi is available on some, but charging points for mobiles, tv and video players


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