Ballycuggeran Blue Flag Lakeside Beach

Ballycuggeran is a small lakeside bathing area in a designated conservation area. Lough Derg is one of the major freshwater lakes of Ireland. Lough Derg is a designated Special Protection Area (site code no. 4058) and proposed Natural Heritage Area (pNHA) (Site code No. 000011)   The boundaries of the SPA commence upstream of the existing Killaloe Bridge. The site has been designated as an SPA as it supports important numbers of wintering wildfowl including Greenland white-fronted geese (Anser albifrons flavirostris), common terns (Sterna hirundo) and cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo). Both the Greenland white-fronted geese and terns are listed under Annex I of the Birds Directive. Lough Derg is a proposed Natural Heritage Area (pNHA) (Site code No. 000011) becuse it is of significant ecological interest supporting a number of habitats listed on Annex I of the EU Habitats Directive, four of which are priority habitats – alluvial woodland, yew woodland, Cladium fen and petrifying springs. These priority habitats are found mainly at the north and north east of the lake though alluvial woodland has a wider distribution around the lake. Other annexed habitats present include alkaline fen and Juniper scrub formations on heath and calcareous grasslands. The beach is lifeguarded during the bathing season (lifeguard times are posted on the information noticeboard on the beach). Blue Beach Awards take place each year in  May /  June.

Location: Shannon Navigation

Activity Type: Walking

Business Type: Places to Visit | Tours & Trips

Address: Environment Section, Clare County Council, Ennis, Co Clare

Phone: 00353 65 6846331


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