Dillon Garden

Located in the Ranelagh neighbourhood of Dublin City, the Dillon Garden is an urban oasis. There is a series of small gardens each with a different theme. The gardens are arranged around a grand central canal and various smaller interconnecting pools, all set in Kilkenny limestone. Controlled throughout by a strong sense of design and colour, the Dillon Garden is a plant collection to rival that of a small botanic garden. Unusual perennials, alpines, bulbs and ferns are mixed up with self-seeding foxgloves, columbines, campanulas and feverfew. The long succession of flowers begins in March and runs through to the autumn. Rare herbaceous plants are a speciality. Dillon Garden was featured on the BBC's 'Gardeners World' TV programme.

Location: Grand Canal

Activity Type: Walking

Business Type: Places to Visit

Address: 45 Sandford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

Phone: 00353 14 97 1308



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