The Straffan Butterfly Farm

The Straffan Butterfly Exhibition, in County Kildare, aims to introduce people to the existence of the world of butterflies. The idea is to let visitors have a window into this world and enjoy the magic of butterflies as they fly freely all around. Owned and run by Des and Iris Fox, the Straffan Butterfly Farm has been open to the every summer since 1986 and continues to run during the months of June, July and August. The Straffan Butterfly Farm is also a plea for us all to be more aware of the great loss we will experience if we let the destruction of rain forests and indeed our very own countryside continue. In the tropical house, you can walk through a mini jungle with amazing butterflies flying freely all around you. Many of the tropical butterflies breed here so you will be able to observe the entire life cycle of a butterfly. In the exhibition area, there are butterfly collections on display showing examples of butterflies from all over the world. There is a special emphasis on education so be prepared to learn some amazing facts about butterflies and safe behind glass watch live giant spiders, scorpions, amazing stick insects and small reptiles. This is an indoor exhibition so whatever the weather, there is always something to see.

Location: Royal Canal

Activity Type: Walking

Business Type: Places to Visit

Address: Ovidstown, Straffan, Co Kildare

Phone: 00353 16 27 1109



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