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Canoeing on the Grand Canal

Canoeing on the Grand Canal is an 131km long distance route with a difference. you are the main interruption to life on the canal as nature rules this waterway for most of the year. The Grand Canal links to the Barrow Navigation providing an additional idyllic diversion down one of Irelands most beautiful river valleys.

​​The Grand Canal alone is a wonderful trip. The completion of the restoration of the main line of the Royal Canal has opened up new possibilities. Referred to as the Green and Silver Route it is possible to navigate the Grand Canal, Royal Canal and Shannon Navigation in a single loop of approximately 350km.

The contrast between the city sections and the tranquil rural setting is marked. The engineering challenges faced by the builders is another - 3 aquaducts, lifting and swivel bridges, and the biggest of all:  building a canal through a bog! It is a unique and stimulating environment and in a canoe you get to paddle by and just the right pace! 

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