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There are a number of angling hotspots on the Barrow which Inland Fisheries have developed under contract to Waterways Ireland:

​Numerous Angling Events supported by Waterways Ireland take place on the Barrow annually. Check out the events calendar for fixture infromation. ​​

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Fish Types

Size: Weigh up to 2 kgs.
Features: Roach are easily identified by their silver colour, red fins and red eyes.
Baits: Maggots, casters, bread, paste, sweetcorn, worms.
Specimen Weight: 0.907 kgs
Irish Record: 1.425 kgs
Size: Weigh up to 7 kgs.
Features: Adult Bream are recognised by their bronze colour, black fins and protruding upper jaw, while young bream or 'skimmers' differ from adults due to their silver colouring.
Baits: Maggots, worms, casters, sweetcorn, bread, paste.
Specimen Weight: 3.402 kgs
Irish Record: 5.528 kgs
Size: Weigh up to 5 kgs.
Features: distinguishing red eyes and are a dark olive or blackish colour with rounded fins and an almost unforked tail.
Baits: Maggots, casters, sweetcorn, bread, paste, worms, mini boilies.
Specimen Weight: 2.722 kgs
Irish Record: 3.697 kgs
Size: Rudd weigh up to 2.5 kgs.
Features: A rudd can be identified by their golden green hue, scarlet fins and protruding lower jaw.
Baits: Maggots, bread, casters, sweetcorn, paste, worms, flies.
Specimen Weight: 1.021 kgs
Irish Record: 2.041 kgs

Size: Perch weigh up to 3 kgs.
Features: easily identified by the olive green colour and distinctive vertical black stripes on the flanks and reddish colour fins. The fins have sharp spines.
Baits: Worms, maggots, casters, small dead fish and a range of spanning baits.
Specimen Weight: 1.2 kgs
Irish Record: 2.495 kgs

Size: Pike weigh up to 20 kgs and can grow up to 1.3m. Females are normally larger.
Features: Streamlined olive green, torpedo shaped body & white belly. With a large broad mouth with rows of backward pointing sharp teeth.
Baits: Range of deadbaits, spinners and plugs including jerkbaits, flies.
Specimen Weight:
Irish Record:
Lake: 13.608 kgs
River: 9.072 kgs
Lake: 19.391 kgs
River: 19.051 kgs

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The Mullicháin Cafe

The Quay St Mullins Co Carlow

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The Mullicháin Café

The Quay St Mullins Via Graiguenamanagh Co Carlow

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The Old Grain Store Self Catering Cottages

The Quay St Mullins, Via Graiguenamanagh,  Co Carlow

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