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Lower Bann Navigation

  • 52 km
  • 5 locks
  • 6 bridges
  • 7 towns
  • 13 moorings
  • Water Sports
Map showing the route of the Lower Bann Navigation

The Lower Bann Navigation, stretching from Lough Neagh to the sea at Barmouth, is a paradise for recreational activities. With only five locks, vast stretches of open water allow for leisurely cruising along its historic plains.

The area is popular for watersports, angling and cruising, with careful zoning ensuring all activities are conducted safely and enjoyably. Rowing and canoeing are available through various active clubs along the river. Adrenaline seekers can find dedicated zones for activities like water skiing, power boating, and jet skiing. Lessons for beginners are available in several areas.

In addition to its proximity to impressive geological centrepieces, the Lower Bann traverses an area of scenic beauty and environmental interest. The river basin is home to a variety of migratory waterfowl, waders, and nesting birds. The river itself is a migratory route for eels and salmon and a habitat for coarse fish species. The sand dunes at Portstewart near the estuary are managed as a National Trust nature reserve.

The Lower Bann also offers peaceful strolls through ancient woods, along tranquil canal banks and marshy shores, providing a real escape into nature right up to the edge of Lough Neagh.

Picture of another white boat Picture of a white boat

Embark on your boating adventure

From bye-laws and mooring regulations, to locks, bridges, slipways and entry-points, find all the information you need to plan your trip through the Lower Bann Navigation. 

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