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Water Abstraction

​​​​​​Anyone wishing to abstract water from a navigation requires approval from Waterways Ireland. Read the guidelines​ here. ​​

For help completing this form please contact Carey Robinson on +44 (0)28 66 346 263.

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Brief description of proposed abstraction including specific details regarding the intended use and proposed amount to be abstracted *

In order to process consideration of the granting of permission for the abstraction please provide three copies of the following information along with this application:

1.Ordnance survey extract map (scale 1:2500) identifying the location of the proposed abstraction, outlining in red Waterways Ireland’s boundaries, with the location marked ‘X-Y’ on which installation of the above service is requested.

2.Scaled drawings (Scale 1:500) with the following outlined and hatched;
a.Property under the jurisdiction of Waterways Ireland to which an encroachment is anticipated outlined and hatched in red. The encroachment area should be computed in square metres and marked clearly on the map.
b.Land requirements for temporary works should also be identified, outlined and hatched in green. The temporary encroachment area should be computed in square metres and marked clearly on the map.

3.Scaled drawings (Scale 1:200) detailing the proposed structures and the site layout.

4.Dimensioned plan of the proposed works (Scale 1:500). The plan should identify any area where the installation crosses Waterways Ireland’s property or will result in any change to Waterways Ireland property. Mark area X-Y and colour yellow.

5.If applicable, a copy of the planning approval for the proposed development with a full set of associated drawings and any other documents that formed part of your approved planning application for the property.

6.If applicable, a copy of the Industrial Pollution and Control Licence from the Environment Protection Agency or copies of any other permissions required by legislation.

7.Confirmation of who will have ownership and ongoing responsibility for the future maintenance and operation of the structures or services that form part of this application. Please provide details of plans and proposals regarding the on-going management and maintenance when completed.

8.Provide details of any proposed bank revetment / retention or any boundary fence along Waterways Ireland’s property which the proposed development adjoins.

9.Provide details of access arrangements to be put in place to ensure that no part of Waterways Ireland’s property is cut off as a result of the proposed development.

10.Provide details of any environment or heritage impact studies for the proposed development including appropriate information on the nature of the proposed facility, the physical and chemical characteristics of the proposed discharge, if any, and a hydrological assessment of the potential impacts of the abstraction on the hydrology of the watercourse, particularly during low flows.

11.If applicable, the detail, location and nature of any pollution prevention measures.

You should be aware that this list is not exhaustive and Waterways Ireland reserves the right to request further details if deemed necessary in the consideration of your proposal.

Please send all documents to: Property & Legal Section, Waterways Ireland, 2 Sligo Road, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, BT74 7JY

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