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Marina or Jetty Mooring


Process of regularising a Marina/Jetty with Waterways Ireland:

  1. Complete the online application form for Marina/Jetty on the Waterways Ireland website

  2. Apply for Planning Permission from the relevant Local Authority

  3. Provide a copy of grant of planning to Waterways Ireland

  4. Waterways Ireland seek internal and departmental approvals including North South Ministerial Council (NSMC) consent

  5. Subject to receipt of requisite approvals, regularisation with Waterways Ireland by way of legally binding agreement which is subject to an annual fee.

For help completing this form please contact Property Section on +44 (0)28 66 343004.

An asterix * indicates a required field.

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In order for Waterways Ireland to give consideration to the granting of a lease in this instance, we will require three copies of the following information:

1.(a) Proof of title of lands in your ownership. (b) Copy of planning permission.

2.Ordnance Survey map scale 1:2500 outlining your property in blue and the encroachment on Waterways Ireland’s property in red.

3.A dimensioned plan of the mooring scale 1:500 outlining the proposed development.

4.A detailed specification of the proposed moorings, access ramps and slipways to same.

5.Confirmation of the number of moorings and details of the target market for sales of these moorings.

6.Details of the proposed bank revetment / retention or any boundary fence details along Waterways Ireland property.

7.Submit the detail, location and nature of any pollution prevention measures.

8.Details of the proposed pump out facility.

9.Provide details of plans and proposals regarding the ongoing management and maintenance of the development when completed.

10.Provide details of the location, specification and intended use of any pipes or cables proposed to run through Waterways Ireland’s property.

11.Provide details of access arrangement to be put in place to ensure that no part of Waterways Ireland’s property is cut off as a result of the development.

You should be aware that this list is not exhaustive and Waterways Ireland reserves the right to request further details if deemed necessary in the consideration of your proposal.

Marina/Jetty developments which are approved by Waterways Ireland will be subject to a legally binding agreement and the payment of an appropriate annual fee.

Please send all documents to: Property & Legal Section, Waterways Ireland, 2 Sligo Road, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, BT74 7JY.

Please confirm that you have read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

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There is a 7 day cooling off period in place from submission of the form. Should you change your mind within 7 days, please contact Property Section.
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