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Event Approval

​​​​​​​To view more details around Event Approval, see the Event Application Guidelines

For help completing this form please view the Planning an Event guidance notes

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Section 1 - Event Information

Event Name *
Type & Description of Event *
Proposed Date of Event *
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Date Event Last Held (if applicable)
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Location Address (including townland)
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Event Website
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Start Time *
Finish Time *
Expected No. of Participants *
Is the Event for Charity?
Charity Name
Charity Registration No.
Date to Enter Site for Preparation *
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Start Time *
Date Site Will be Vacated *
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Time Vacated *
Start Point *
Finish Point *
Where are Event Entrances & Exits *
Is the Event free?
If No Enter Admission Price

Event includes *

If Other please specify

Provide details of any vessels that will be used in the event and the number expected in each category *

Does the event include any swimmers? *
If Yes please specify

(i) Please supply as much information as possible, because after this application has been submitted,no additional items may be included without the consent of Waterways Ireland.
(ii) Please check with the Local Authority/Council, or other body as appropriate, as a publicentertainment licence may be required if your event is public and includes alcohol, music, dancingor similar.
(iii) No permanent markings of any type should be made on any natural or artificial surface, nor shouldtrees, posts, fences, etc be damaged or defaced. Any directional or other signs and structuresmust be removed immediately after the event.

Provide details of your traffic management proposals






Provide details of the number, weight and size of delivery vehicles and/or participating vehicles and whether they intend to remain on site overnight.

Indicate the approximate number of vehicles (event staff and public) attending the event, and show on the site plan your proposed car parking area.

No. of Vehicles
Shown on Site Plan?

How will car parking be managed? *

Adequate toilet facilities must be provided. Provide details of your proposals to include method of disposal and if toilets are hired, the name and address of the hire company.

Provide details of how you will manage litter collection and disposal at the event site. *

Are there any known objections to the event by An Garda Síochána / Police Service of Northern Ireland, local authorities or private landowners? *

Will you need any help/support from Waterways Ireland with your event? Please note this may not always be possible or may incur a charge.

Section 2 - Organiser Details

Contact Name *
Organisation *
Address *
Tel No. *
Mobile No.
Email Address *

Section 3 - Insurance and Indemnity

Event organisers are required to hold a current policy in respect of Public Liability Insurance (and products liability where appropriate) to the value of £5 million (Northern Ireland) and €6.5 million (Ireland).

Waterways Ireland reserves the right to require a higher limit if deemed necessary.

Organisers are required to provide written evidence of this insurance cover from their Insurer together with that of any exhibitor, band/dance group, sub-contractor, caterer, etc who they have authorised to appear at the event .

Note: If the event is planned within 12 weeks of the date of this application, written evidence of the insurance cover must accompany the completed application form.

Event organisers shall indemnify in full and hold harmless Waterways Ireland, its officers, employees, representatives, servants and agents from and against any loss, damages, proceedings, suits, third party claims, judgements, awards, expenses and costs (including legal costs) incurred by or taken against Waterways Ireland as a result of the negligence, fault, error, omission, act or breach of the event organiser or of its employees, staff, contractors, agents or representatives in the use of the property or for any breach of any agreement whatsoever between the event organiser and Waterways Ireland. The event organisers shall promptly notify Waterways Ireland in writing of any litigation, claim, or threat of legal action to which this indemnity applies.

Event organisers should consider themselves potentially liable for any injuries to participants and any damage to fixtures or property. No part of this form exempts organisers from any duty of care or other legal responsibilities associated with the running of the event.

I accept and agree to the points above *

Section 4 - Risk Assessment

Event organisers are required to provide a risk assessment. We have provided a template to download for your convenience. For larger events (500+ persons) and those considered high risk a more detailed safety plan with emergency procedures will be required. For help please view the Risk Assessment Guidance notes.

Note: If the event is planned within 12 weeks of the date of this application, written evidence of the insurance cover must accompany the completed application form.

Event organisers have a legal responsibility to ensure the health, safety and welfare of those involved in the event and those attending.

I accept and agree to the points above *

Section 5 - Emergency Services

You are requested to notify An Garda Síochána / Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and other appropriate emergency services if relevant. Please indicate which emergency services have been contacted and note any relevant comments.

Details of first aid cover to be provided. *

If permission is granted for the event, I hereby agree with the conditions set out in this form and to comply with the terms and conditions (if any) on the approval letter which will be issued from Waterways Ireland prior to the event and all reasonable instructions given by all Authorised Officers of Waterways Ireland.

Please note permission, if granted, will be based on the information you have provided. Any subsequent changes to your event plans will also need to be approved.

Waterways Ireland appreciates an acknowledgement of the use of its waterways and facilities in publicity material produced by the event organisers.

I agree to forward the following:

Is the proposed date of the event within 12 weeks of the application date?

Waterways Inspectorate - Athlone - Co Westmeath Tel: +353 (0)906 494 232 - Fax +353 (0)906 494 147

Email: Inspectorate.Athlone@waterwaysireland.org

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By completing and submitting this form you are entering a binding agreement with Waterways Ireland

There is a 7 day cooling off period in place from submission of the form. Should you change your mind within 7 days, please contact Roisin MacRory to cancel the contract.

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