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Posted: 08/02/2024

Waterways Ireland to seek planning permission for necessary maintenance works on Barrow Navigation​

Waterways Ireland has today sought the consent of the planning authorities for a five year programme of maintenance works along the Barrow Navigation at townlands throughout County Carlow, County Laois and County Kildare.

The proposed works will consist of essential maintenance and repair of the navigation assets and will include dredging, back-drain maintenance, and towpath & bank repairs. The maintenance works which are being proposed by Waterways Ireland will seek to improve the assets along the Barrow Navigation, which is a nationally important recreation and navigation corridor and also has a unique heritage and biodiversity value.

The Barrow navigation features many bridges, locks and buildings that are protected structures and/or national monuments. These necessary maintenance works will seek to protect these structures as well as the natural, cultural and amenity potential of the corridor and as such, ensure the continued use and accessibility of the waterways for all users.

Following validation, the planning documents will be publicly available on the three Council’s planning portal. Waterways Ireland encourages the public and interested parties to familiarise themselves with the documents and submit potential feedback to the Council’s.


Gerard Bayly, Senior Engineer on the Barrow with Waterways Ireland said: "The Barrow Navigation is a nationally important heritage corridor comprising a rich tapestry of natural, built and cultural assets. At Waterways Ireland, our goal is to ensure we can provide safe and sustainable experiences for all users of our waterways. We seek to maintain the heritage and biodiversity of Ireland’s waterways while providing a high-quality navigation and recreation offering, for the benefit of all.”

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