Posted: 23/03/2020

COVID-19 News 23 March 2020

The latest news on our services and facilities during the current situation can be found here:

Towpaths: Towpaths are open for use for cycling and walking unless otherwise advised via Marine Notice due to works.  Social distancing should be observed.

Service Blocks: Service blocks will remain closed until further notice across all navigations in line with current public health advice.

Locks and Bridges: Locks are operating on Winter Hours until the 29th March 2020. Albert Lock has reopened followed works. The bridges at Rooskey and Tarmonbarry require additional works are so are closed until April 9th.

Jetties, marinas and harbours: Moorings will remain closed until further notice across all navigations.

Navigation on the Royal & Grand Canals: Navigation in and out of Dublin is postponed until further notice.

Check the Marine Notices page for more details

Leave Not Trace Guidelines: Guidelines for the Activity in the Outdoors from Leave No Trace

For information on Public Health advice on Covid-19 itself, please follow the following links:

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