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Posted: 24/06/2019

Blueway Initiative Launched

Blueway Development Partners

Outdoor recreation enthusiasts received a significant boost today, with the launch of a new development guide and accreditation scheme for Blueway development on the island of Ireland.

Blueways are a relatively new 'water-orientated' tourism and outdoor recreation alternative to Greenways in Ireland that aim to encourage more people to experience and enjoy our inland waterways, lakes, rivers and coastal areas around the island of Ireland.   A number of Blueway sites have developed over the past 5 years by a range of agencies including Waterways Ireland.

The initial success of these sites has led to significant interest from many more Local Authorities and development agencies to develop further locations.

The new guideline and accreditation scheme launched today will support this development and ensure all Blueway are developed in a consistent way.

This initiative sees a number of state agencies working in partnership, on an all-island basis and includes Waterways Ireland, Tourism NI, Sport Ireland, Sport NI and Fáilte Ireland. All partners hope to see the development of Blueway sites in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland over the coming years.

More information on Blueway development is available from www.bluewaydevelopment.org

(Image left to right: Cormac MacDonnell - Sport Ireland, Marian Leydon - Fáilte Ireland, Mike McClure - Sport Northern Ireland, Norma Heron - Waterways Ireland and Sheena Dickson - Tourism Northern Ireland). 

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