Posted: 22/10/2018

Boat owner compliance re: permit requirements, residential berths, regulation of the navigations and prohibition of discharge of polluting matter

Dear Vessel Owner

Waterways Ireland wishes to remind all Masters of vessels that any owner wishing to use the canals (Royal, Grand and Barrow Navigation) is required to purchase an annual Combined Mooring & Passage Permit (CMP). This allows vessels on the canals to moor for up to 5 days in any one location and currently costs €126 for 12 months.

A CMP permit is adequate for short or infrequent visits to the canal navigations where a vessel  is not moored for more than 5 days in a single location or where the vessel is removed from the navigation after each use. Additionally, if the vessel continuously cruises i.e. moves every 5 days, a Combined Mooring and Passage (CMP) permit is appropriate. Owners wishing to moor for a period in excess of 5 days, in one location on the canal network require an Extended Mooring Permit (EMP).
An EMP provides a Waterways Ireland a designated mooring location where the vessel may be moored for up to 12 months, when it is not being used for cruising. Waterways Ireland will consider allowing a master or owner holding a valid EMP to berth at an alternative temporary location for an extended period, when agreed in advance with Waterways Ireland, subject to the availability of an alternative temporary berth. An EMP currently costs €152.

Owners are requested to familiarise themselves with the permit requirements before making an application.

Applications for Extended Mooring Permit (EMP) can only be made by owners who hold a Combined Mooring and Passage Permit (CMP).  Both may be applied for simultaneously using the same form.  From the 1st November, all permits will be issued with an expiry date of 31st October in order to synchronise all renewals. An online application system is currently being developed and will be available in 2019.

Waterways Ireland wish to advise masters and owners of vessels that a vessel cannot be used as a primary residence without a valid residential extended mooring permit. There are currently 20 residential berths in Grand Canal Dock and a further 8 in Shannon Harbour. There are no residential berths available at any other locations and there are no residential berths available at this time. 
Waterways Ireland will continue to  regulate  across the navigations regarding permit compliance. Any master or owner who fails to hold a valid permit for their vessel, is reminded that not holding and displaying the required permits is a breach of the Canal Bye Laws and may result in your vessel being removed from the navigation.

Waterways Ireland wishes to further advise masters and owners of vessels that Article 38(l) of the Canals Act 1986, (Bye-Laws) 1988 states – “No person shall cause or permit any polluting matter to enter the canals, or deposit or cause to be deposited waste oil or any offensive matter on any part of the canal property”.
Masters and boat owners are advised to ensure that where boats have toilets on board no effluent is passed into the canal and they have in place suitable facilities to ensure no bilge pollutants enter the canal.
Waterways Ireland will in 2019, be requesting an undertaking from boat owners as appropriate to their vessel that they have in place adequate measures to ensure the vessel complies with these Bye Laws.

Waterways Ireland thanks all vessel masters and owners for their co-operation in relation to this matter. 

Yours sincerely

Dawn Livingstone
Chief Executive

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