Posted: 19/06/2018

Terns Nesting at Grand Canal Dock

Nesting Terns Grand Canal Dock

​We are delighted to welcome back  some lovely guests to the Docklands in Dublin over the past few weeks. A number of nesting Terns have been making their home at Grand Canal Dock! Terns, also known as Sea Swallows are most often found at sea or on large inland lakes so it is a delight to see them using the Grand Canal to nest. They have been nesting here for several years and many of you commute to work across the lock gates may already be familiar with them. In a bid to help protect the nests Waterways Ireland have recently erected fencing and informative signage in the area. While it is wonderful to see them we would like to encourage passers-bye to keep their distance and do their best to avoid disturbing the nests or approaching the birds. Thank you for your cooperation and hopefully in a few months we'll have some new chicks to welcome to the Docklands too!

A very special thank you to Shay Connolly who got in touch with recently and who provided the wonderful imagery you see attached. 

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