Posted: 01/12/2017

News: We're hosting the World Canals Conference

World Canals Conference Athlone

Waterways Ireland in conjunction with the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland are hosting the World Canals Conference which will  take place on 10-12 September 2018 in Athlone. Over 300 international visitors are expected among the 450 delegates, with many staying on to holiday afterwards.

This conference will host over 60 speakers from all over the world; professionals leading the development and growth of waterways from a technical aspect of waterways management including engineering, water management, canal restoration and revitalisation, protecting and enhancing the environment and biodiversity.  A significant proportion of the speakers will also bring their experience of leading innovative and exciting waterways projects from a range of perspectives including recreation, tourism, sport, community, heritage, economic development and Blueways & Greenways. We expect a highly informative, learning and networking environment over the three days which will also include a tour to some of Ireland's restored, revitalised and regenerated waterways.

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