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Posted: 14/04/2023

Marine Notice No 29 of 2023 - Shannon Navigation - Killaloe and Ballina - In river works for Killaloe By Pass bridge - From 17 April 2023

Notice Number 29 of 2023

No. 29 of 2023

Shannon Navigation

Killaloe and Ballina

In river works for Killaloe By-pass bridge

From Monday 17 April 2022

Waterways Ireland wishes to inform Masters of vessels on the Shannon Navigation that the in river works for the construction of the Killaloe By-Pass bridge will commence on 17th April 2023 and are expected to continue for several months until December 2023. The bridge is being constructed approx. 1km downstream of the current Killaloe – Ballina bridge.

The following Plant & Equipment will be operating on the navigation during the in river works:

• Jack up piling barge 22m x 17m x 2.44m
• Stabilising Crane Barge 30m x 23m x 1.88m
• Piling Rig 85t
• Crawler Crane 130t
• Tugboat / pusher boat Tiger 2
• Dumb barge 23m x 9m
• Landing Craft
• Safety Boat
• Landing pontoon + gangways

Piling will commence on 2nd May 2023 with three bridge piers being constructed in the navigation by December 2023.

A buoyed navigation channel will be provided for 100 metres either side of the in river works from 14 April 2023. The navigation channel will be to the west side of the barges / pontoons from 17 April 2023 to 31 May 2023.

Masters of vessels are requested to proceed at slow speed and with additional caution in the vicinity of the works and to follow the instructions of the safety boat crew.

Waterways Ireland thanks its customers for their co-operation in relation to this matter.

P Harkin
Inspector of Navigation
Waterways Ireland
14 April 2023

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