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Posted: 15/09/2021

Marine Notice No 61 of 2021 - Shannon Navigation - Algal Bloom

Notice Number 61 of 2021

No 61 of 2021

Shannon Navigation

Algal Bloom

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise users of the Shannon Navigation that a number of locations throughout the Shannon in particular harbours and bays have or are likely to experience algal blooms in recent days and weeks. This seasonal phenomenon is evident as a light “Pea-green” and /or Green, Blue or Blue-Green colour in the water column on or near the water’s surface.

Information from the HSE guidance document “Interim Fresh Water Algal Bloom Guidance” is as follows:

• Affected waters may contain high levels of blue-green algae which may cause illness in humans and animals including pets
• Avoid contact with scum, visible algae and surrounding water
• Do not swim or partake in immersive watersport activities in water near visible algae
• Do not touch scum on the shore
• Wash hands if you touch the algal material
• Keep children and pets away from the water’s edge
• Do not let pets drink the water.
• Wash pets if they come into contact with water

Waterways Ireland thanks its customers for their understanding in relation to this matter.

P Harkin
Inspector of Navigation
15 September 2021

“Waterways Ireland, managing and promoting the inland waterways for the benefit of all…”

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