Cabins on the Barges - Jim Butler

Jim Butler comes from a family of lock-keepers and is a former lock-keeper himself. Consequently he has developed a strong passion for the River Barrow and speaks knowledgably about all aspects of it. In the following clipping Jim describes in some detail the old cabin on the barges where the entire crew lived.​

​“The old guys lived in the old type cabins, the old way cos I remember it well. An ole ladder down into the old scuttle in the top of it, you know what I mean. They would have a bucket of water, there was a little stove, they had a table in the centre and when they cooked the dinner there was no such thing as everyone having a plate, there was two maybe three pates on the table; if they were having cabbage and bacon, there would be bacon on one plate, cabbage on another plate and potatoes be on another and you just took what you wanted of it from each plate…”

Recording- Jim Butler: Cabins on the Barges

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