Managing Our Resources

​​Financial Memorandum​This Memorandum sets out the financial procedures and accountability arrangements which govern the financial relationship between the North/South Ministerial Council, Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure, the Department of Community, Rural, and Gaeltacht Affairs, Finance Departments and Waterways Ireland. ​Download
​​North/South Accounting Guidance​This Guidance applies to the 2009 accounts and subsequent years for all North/South Implementation Bodies. It will be updated with amendments that will be issued from time to time to form the guidance in future years. Download
​​Prompt Payment Reports​Waterways Ireland is required to pay interest on invoices which have been unpaid for more than 30 days.View​
​​​Environment & Heritage Policy​​Environment and Heritage Policy aims to ensure that the waterways are developed and managed in an environmentally sustainable fashion.Download

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