Ghostly Guide - LaTouche-Bridge, Portobello

​In 1861 a horrible tragedy occurred at La Touche Bridge on the Grand Canal in Portobello, Dublin.

​When Patrick Hardy was driving a horse-drawn bus up the steep incline and one of the horses reared, became uncontrollable, backing the bus through the wooden rails of the bridge, causing the bus, 6 passengers, and the horses to be plunged to their deaths in the deep (20 feet) dark cold waters of the canal lock. The conductor was saved by a passing policeman, but the rest were drowned.

On the night of the accident’s anniversary, it is reported that a brilliant light is seen to rise from the canal water and turn into a human shape which is known as the ghost of a lock-keeper who drowned himself after being sacked for drunkenness was to blame for the tragedy. Some say this same ghost arose when the horse drawn bus was crossing the bridge, thereby spooking the horses.

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