Leitrim Village

Leitrim Village

With 70km of water trails, the Shannon-Erne Blueway is the very definition of an outstanding canoeing adventure.

 Lush green riverbanks, lakes dotted with mysterious islands, curious swans – paddling these waters gives a real sense of escape, of being enveloped in nature, whether you go by yourself or explore with a guide such as Stephen Wrynn of Way To Go Adventures. Running tours and excursions in Canadian canoes, Stephen brings visitors through a landscape he has known since childhood and for which he has a real passion. 

“You can immerse yourself on your own journey on the Shannon-Erne Blueway,” Stephen explains. “There’s canoeing, trekking, cycling, food, brewing, heritage and so many unique places to stay along the way. But what you really notice here is how slow the pace is.” 

Tranquil and idyllic, the waterway is a 70km-long mix of canal, river and lake from Leitrim Village to Belturbet and Crom. In literal terms, you go with the flow of the water around here. And it ebbs gently for most of the journey – although there are some stretches designated for more adventurous spirits, with a white water section around Ballyconnell.

So pick up a paddle, take to the water and enjoy the gentle pace of the Blueway. It’s an experience you won’t forget. ​

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