Heritage Week on the Royal Canal

Bicentenary of the Royal Canal

2017 marks the anniversary of the year when the Royal Canal was completed all the way to the Shannon in 1817.The Royal Canal closed in 1950 and remained closed for 50 years. The extensive lobbying and volunteer work of the Royal Canal Amenity Group and the work of Waterways Ireland staff and their predecessors in OPW was rewarded in 2010 when the Canal was reopened to navigation. This year Waterways Ireland will be working with the Heritage Boat AssociationWaters and Communities Office and Longford County Council to celebrate the Royal Canal. A host of heritage boats will travel the western section of the canal between Keenagh Co. Longfrod and Richmond Harbour, Clondra, Co. Longford, where the canal meets the river Shannon. 

Saturday the 19th of August

To commence Heritage Week a fleet of Heritage Boats will be departing from Richmond Harbour, Clondra, Co. Longford between 10am and 1pm. The boats will move along the Royal Canal all the way up to Keenagh, giving people the chance to walk the towpath alongside them. On this day there will also be talks and displays in the Waterways Ireland Office in Clondra for people to explore the heritage of the waterways and learn more about the history and importance of the Canal.

Saturday the 26th of August

On Saturday the 26th you'll have the opportunity to walk with the 'Big Boats' again as they'll be leaving Keenagh and travelling to Killashee to overnight there. 

Sunday the 27th of August - Heritage Week 'Water Day'

Heritage Week culminates in a dedicated 'Water Day' on the 27th. On this day the heritage boats will travel from Killashee to Richmond Harbour in Clondra to deliver a token cargo in a re-enactment of the delivery of the first commercial cargo from Dublin 200 years ago!

On this day there will be music, story telling, nature walks and a host of activities for children and adults alike to come together and celebrate their waterways heritage.

Read more about Heritage Week 'Water Day' here or click here to find an event near you.


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