Waterways Ireland | Ghostly Guide - Duckett Grove, Co. Carlow

Ghostly Guide - Duckett Grove, Co. Carlow

​For haunted hotspots and ghostly going-ons there is no spookier place than the romantic ruins of Ducketts Grove in Carlow.

​In 1830 the owner William Duckett transformed the modest two storey house into a Gothic fantasy with regal arches, neo-gothic oriel windows and grotesques added to the majestic towers and imposing structure. A catastrophic fire destroyed the castle in 1933 but the ghost stories still surround the site with several agitated spirits being witnessed over the decades. The most notorious entity is the Duckett's Grove Banshee.

In this instance, the Banshee is the result of a Piseóg, a curse placed on the house and family to bring about death, despair and financial ruin. This particular curse was cast by the angry grieving mother of a young girl who had been having an affair with William Duckett and was riding on the estate when she fell from her horse.

The Banshee can be heard shrieking through the ruins of Duckett's Grove for two days and nights, with stories of those that heard her suffering fatality and family tragedy. There are recorded incidences of a woman dropping dead in the grounds and a garden worker hearing the banshee cry finding his mother dead the following morning. Voices of servants have distinctly been heard working in what was formerly the kitchens and pantry and a phantom horse and carriage has rolled up to the former entrance.

Disembodied voices, bangs, floating balls of light and spectral shadows are just a few more of the paranormal phenomena to occur in the Carlow castle. Apparitions of various figures, believed to be members of the Duckett family have been seen, including what is believed to be the ghost of William Duckett himself, riding a horse on his estate.

For those who are braver, the ruins provide a hive of paranormal occurrences to be witnessed from the brightest and busiest of tourist days to the dead of night.

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