Easement across Waterways Ireland Property

​​To apply for an installation of services (such as sewers, water electricity, gas) on, over or through Waterways Ireland's property please complete the Easement / Wayleave Application Form  and send accompanying documentation and the administration fee to:

Property & Legal Section
Waterways Ireland
2 Sligo Road
Co Fermanagh
BT74 7JY

If you wish to enter Waterways Ireland property to carry out work on an existing service installation you should forward a copy of the easement or licence which granted permission for the original installation of the services in Waterways Ireland property and comply with the conditions set out this document regarding re-entry.

If you do not have an agreement for existing services installed in navigation property you should make an application as above.

Public services utility providers will not be charged an administration fee for the use of the property; however the Licence Agreement will include an annual rent of €10 per annum (if demanded). 

 Utility companies should note this position does not apply to a new installation where you are proposing to extend the services you wish to install in Waterways Ireland property.  In this case you will be liable for the administration fee at application as well as the agreed valuation fee for any additional use of Waterways Ireland property.

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