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Discover Your Local Waterway

Please remember to.. Be Responsible, Be Sensible and Stay Safe

Now is the perfect opportunity to Discover Your Local Waterway.

Relax, Restore, Revive

The timeless Waterways of Ireland are waiting for you. Check out our Waterways Hubs, where we've put together a selection of some of the best locations along the waterways. Or why not check out the Activities page, where you can find your next adventure!

if you're keen to stay a little closer to home, you can enjoy some quality exercise by exploring waterways that are local to you. You can discover local Hidden Gems, trails and more.

Armchair Adventures

If you feel like staying home, our Armchair Adventures will provide you with a virtual taste of the waterways.

If you're visiting any areas, please;

- Adhere to all government rules and regulations, including social distancing and travel restrictions.

- Be respectful, share the space and avoid moored boats.

- Take recycling and rubbish home.

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