Current Work Programme

Summer Works Programme 2017

Summer Works Programme

Barrow Navigation

• Routine maintenance works such as trackway and bank maintenance, grass cutting, litter removal/collection and routine repairs to Locks, Jetties and Quay walls will be carried out as required.
• Preparatory works for the bank repair at Cloydagh are complete and in-stream works will be carried out in July. 
• A planning application for repairs to Lower Tinnahinch weir will be lodged in May, emergency repair works to the middle bank at Lower Tinnahinch are ongoing.
• Redecking of all of the jetties on the Barrow is due to start in July

Erne System

• The routine maintenance programme will continue including repairs to jetties, removing fallen trees and maintenance to the navigation system.
• Beach area upgrades at several jetties for small vessels
• Grass cutting
• Weed cutting if required
• Dredging the mouth of the Kesh River
• Tidying up Devenish West Jetty area
• Setting up the Broadmeadows Water Activity Area


Grand Canal and Barrow Line

• Routine maintenance works such as, weed control, canal bank maintenance, grass cutting, litter removal/collection, hedge cutting/tree pruning, routine repairs to Locks, Jetties, Quay walls, supply and overflow structures, bridge parapet walls as required

Lower Bann

Routine maintenance activities to infrastructure to continue throughout the spring period, including power washing and general repairs of navigation infrastructure, grass cutting, strimming, weed control, tree cutting at amenity and camp sites.
Notable operational works planned for this period include;

• Fabrication of new sluices for Movanagher and Cutts locks
• Toome bank stabilisation
• Tree cutting along Toome canal
• Refurbishment works of Toome lockhouse to Heritage Centre and Cafe (works on site).
• Toome silt removal at mouth of canal entrance to Lough Neagh (works on site)
• Tree maintenance at Movanagher Campsite (works on site)


Royal Canal

• Routine maintenance works, such as, weed control, canal bank maintenance, grass cutting, litter removal/collection; routine repairs to Locks, Jetties, Quay walls, supply and overflow structures, bridge parapet walls as required

Shannon-Erne Waterway

• Routine maintenance activities to ensure that public facilities remain in a safe, user friendly condition are continuing.
• Access improvement works are continuing at Lock 15 Tirmactiernan.
• Locks: works are continuing with the installation of GRP decking on all access gangways at locks at various locations along the navigation.
• Shannon-Erne Blueway: working on improving trail safety and alignment adjacent to Lock 15 Tirmactiernan.
• Lock 14 Drumduff; works to repair leakages within the lock chamber have been completed.
• Lock 8 Castlefore: Remedial works completed to lock gates.
• Grass Cutting; cutting of areas adjacent to locks, marinas and recreational trails is ongoing
• Shannon-Erne Blueway: working on enhancing access at Lock 7 is ongoing.
• Plan to commence improvement works at Keshcarrigan Marina in May/June 2017.
• Plan to commence remedial works to navigation markers on the Shannon-Erne and River Erne.


Shannon Navigation

Normal operational maintenance functions continue such as management of locks, service blocks and amenity areas. The daily monitoring and management of water levels at interim weirs along the system continues. Defects identified, through cyclical inspections, at amenities or service areas along the system have been included in works programmes for the coming year.

  • More notable works planned include:
    • The completion of construction of the Floating Walkway on the Shannon Blueway at Acres lake Drumshanbo, this will provide a walking and cycling connection from Battlebridge Lock through to Drumshanbo Town along the Lough Allen canal.  It is hoped to have the works completed in August.
    • Boat arrest system at weir in Limerick will be replaced this month.
    • A new canoe stand has been constructed at Boyle Harbour.
    • Canal banks have been trimmed along Lough Allen Canal from Drumshanbo to Drumleague, it is hoped to continue this work on a cyclical programme from next October.

    Other works planned or in design phase include:
    • Repair programme of work to replace fenders at various harbours on Lough Derg
    • Extension of Shannon Blueway walkway/cycle trail from Acres lake towards Drumshanbo and the Lough Allen Hotel
    • Repair and strengthening of sluice gate platform at Jamestown weir.
    • Installation of quayside curved railing to Drumsna Harbour
    • Car park and turning area to Roosky Lock
    • Replacement timber lock gates have been procured for Roosky Lock. Delivery and installation will take place in the coming autumn/winter period
    • Provide additional Tie up Bollards to Lanesborough Quay

    Work continues with Local Councils, Office of Public Works, ESB and various other statutory bodies to contribute to management of CFRAM (Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management) and seeking to work in partnership to promote community and recreational objectives for the region.

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