Waterways Ireland | Commercial Operating License Form

Commercial Operating License Form


Waterways Ireland will give consideration to applications for permission to carry on commercial operations on the waterways which would serve to encourage their use and contribute towards a vibrant waterway environment. In order to give full consideration to your application, please complete the following form.

An asterix * indicates a required field.

Applicant Details

Name of Individual or Organisation *
Business Type
If Other please specify
Company Registration No.
Director Name(s)
Parent Company
Name of person responsible for licence *
Address *
Daytime Tel No *
Evening Tel No
Mobile Number
Email Address *

Please provide details of (i) any other Operating Licence you currently hold an interest in or (ii) any permission to operate that you have obtained / or sought previously from Waterways Ireland.

Section A

1. Outline of Proposal
(i.e. Passenger Boat, Restaurant Boat, etc.) *

2. Details of Operating Location
(please enclose a map clearly defining area involved)

3. Operating Times
full details of Operating Season should be provided, including Scheduled Tours and/or Private Charter, with frequency and duration of trips)

4. Details of craft (if applicable)

Craft Name
Boat Registration No
Crew & Passenger Limit
Length (feet/metres)
Beam (feet/metres)
Draft (feet/metres)
Manufacturer Name
Year of Manufacture
Hull ID No.
Hull Material
Engine Size (cc or bhp)
Engine Type
Waste Disposal Details i.e. Holding Tank, toilet facilities, etc.

5. Operational Requirements
(e.g. for Lock Passages, Moorings or use of other facilities owned by Waterways Ireland)

6. Any Other Information

Section B (Complete if applicable)

Copy of current Passenger Certificate for each vessel as issued by the Marine Surveyor's office of the Department of Transport:

List of operators of the vessel:

If the vessel is licenced to sell alcohol, a copy of the current Passenger Vessel Licence issued by the Collector of Customs and Excise on behalf of the Revenue Commissioners:

Section C (Complete if applicable)

Waterways Ireland requires that vessels carrying passengers hold adequate levels of insurance and appropriately indemnifies Waterways Ireland please forward a copy of your insurance policy so that Waterways Ireland can carry out the necessary checks to verify these details.

Insurance Policy Details:

Section D

Waterways Ireland is required to satisfy itself of the financial and economic standing of entities with whom it proposes to contract. In order to make this assessment, please provide relevant information such as recent accounts or Business Plan (including resources, financing, programme for delivery, target market, etc.).

Business Plan / Accounts:

Copy of current Tax Clearance Certificate:

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By completing and submitting this form you are entering a binding agreement with Waterways Ireland

Please return the requested documentation in Section B,C & D to:

Carey Robinson - Waterways Ireland - 2 Sligo - Enniskillen - Co Fermanagh BT74 7JY Tel No: +44 (0) 2866 323 004 - Fax No: +44 (0) 2866 346 257

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