Waterways Ireland | Make a Splash in Coleraine and the Lower Bann

Make a Splash in Coleraine and the Lower Bann

Embark on an adventure into the liquid beauty of the Lower Bann, from the buzzing hub of Coleraine to the lustrous waters of the Toome Canal​

Stand in the centre of Coleraine and a thriving town spreads out in all directions, from the scenic riverside to the golden sandstone Town Hall. Vibrant cafés, bustling shoppers and lively shops reflect the town’s status as a busy commercial hub, but unpeel the layers and you’ll find a compelling history that reaches back thousands of years to the very first humans on the island of Ireland. And it was the Lower Bann that brought them here.

Around 20 minutes’ walk from the town centre, you’ll find Mountsandel Wood overlooking the gushing waters of the river. Here, 9,000 years ago, the earliest settlers in Ireland stalked the forest hunting wild boar, communed around fires and fished the abundant waters. Stroll through the woods, climb the grassy Anglo-Norman fort and you can look out at the very river that shaped Ireland’s history.  



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