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​​​​Within its Headquarters building in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh on the shores of Lough Erne, Waterways Ireland has an exhibition space which can be made available to provide a showcase for cultural, historical and artistic exhibitions.

​To book the HQ Exhibition Room please contact reception

Phone: +44 (0)28 6634 6213


Within its Headquarters building in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh on the shores of Lough Erne, Waterways Ireland has an exhibition space which can be made available to provide a showcase for cultural, historical and artistic exhibitions.

Please read the
Guidance Notes including photos of the venue before completing the form. For help completing this form please contact Marketing & Communication Division, by phone on +44 (0)28 6634 6232 or by email to

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Exhibition Details

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What materials / media / format will the exhibition use? (e.g. Paper artwork, large canvases, collage, video, etc.) Please include dimensions *

How are the exhibits to be displayed? (e.g. Display boards, display cabinets, video monitor, etc.) *

What audience is the exhibition aimed to attract? *

Demonstrate your commitment to equality and how you will ensure that the exhibition will comply with relevant Equality Legislation *

How many visitors do you expect to visit the exhibition, per week and what measures would be required to ensure a quality visitor experience? *

How will you gather feedback about the exhibition from visitors? *

Do you agree to clearly display the Waterways Ireland logo in any publicity associated with the exhibition?

How do you intend to promote the exhibition? *

Do you intend to open or launch the exhibition and if so do you intend to serve food / drinks to invited attendees? *

Do you plan to invite any press, television or radio to attend the exhibition? If Yes please provide details. *

From when and over what period of time would you prefer to run the exhibition for? *

Will it be necessary for the exhibitor to be present along with the exhibition at any stage?

Insurance & Indemnity

Event organisers are required to hold a current policy in respect of Public/Products Liability Insurance, which is sufficient and appropriate to the nature of the event proposed. Organisers are required to provide a letter from their Insurer (or that of any sub-contractor involved) confirming that the Insurer is aware of the proposed event and that this insurance cover is in place, or will be put in place subject to Waterways Ireland approving the event. Organisers are reminded that Waterways Ireland has no insurable interest in any objects associated with the exhibition which are brought onto Waterways Ireland property (e.g. works of art, artefacts, etc) and should make suitable arrangements for insuring such articles against loss or damage.

Event organisers shall indemnify in full and hold harmless Waterways Ireland, its officers, employees, representatives, servants and agents from and against any loss, damages, proceedings, suits, third party claims, judgements, awards, expenses and costs (including legal costs) incurred by or taken against Waterways Ireland as a result of the negligence, fault, error, omission, act or breach of the event organiser or of its employees, staff, contractors, agents or representatives in the use of the property or for any breach of any agreement whatsoever between the event organiser and Waterways Ireland. The event organisers shall promptly notify Waterways Ireland in writing of any litigation, claim, or threat of legal action to which this indemnity applies.

Event organisers should consider themselves potentially liable for any injuries to participants and any damage to fixtures or property. No part of this form exempts organisers from any duty of care or other legal responsibilities associated with the running of the event.

I accept and agree to the points above  *

Health & Saferty

Event organisers are required to provide a risk assessment. We have provided a template to download for your convenience. Please view the {Risk Assessment Guidance notes} for help and to download and complete the Risk Assessment. The completed Risk Assessment form must be returned to Waterways Ireland.

Event organisers have responsibility to ensure the health, safety and welfare of those involved in the event and those attending.

I accept and agree to the points above *

In order for Waterways Ireland to accept your booking we require one copy of each of the following information:

Documents required for Waterways Ireland:

1. Confirmation in writing from your Insurers that you have adequate and appropriate insurance cover in respect of your proposed use of the Exhibition Hall
2. Risk Assessment form

Please send all documents to:
Marketing & Communications Division, Waterways Ireland, 2 Sligo Road, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, BT74 7JY or scan and email to

I confirm I have read and agree to the Guidance Notes.

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