5 Of The Most Instagrammable Places in Ireland's Blueways

Whether you travel by land or by water, the Blueways in Ireland are a thrilling journey through time. Trail along idyllic towns and villages against a backdrop of rustling reeds and stunning scenery, these are the five most instagrammable places across Ireland's Blueways. ​

1. Acres Lake Floating Boardwalk 

Step into a realm of green and blue as you walk on water at Acres Lake.  Only fifteen minutes drive from Carrick-on-Shannon, the famous floating boardwalk at Aces Lake is top of the bucket list in 2019. 

2. Boyle Abbey

An impressive and well preserved Cistercian Monastery which was founded in the 12th century under the patronage of the local ruling family, the MacDermotts. Though mutilated during the 17th and 18th centuries when it was used to accommodate a military garrison, Boyle Abbey nevertheless retains its ability to impress the visitor as one of the most formidable of the early Cistercian foundations in Ireland. A restored gatehouse of 16th/17th century houses an exhibition. 

3. Lough Key Forest Park 

Lough Key Forest Park is an 800-hectare park on the southern shore of Lough Key, 40 km south east of Sligo Town and 3 km east of Boyle, County Roscommon. Formerly part of the Rockingham Estate laid out by the King family, the park is the perfect day trip away from family and friends, with so many activties for the children. 

4. Strokestown Park House

Strokestown Park is a unique historic property in Co. Roscommon in the west of Ireland with many layers of history. This evocative estate is a capsule in time with many features: an uncommon galleried kitchen; elegant vaulted stables; a six-acre walled garden; mausoleum; bridge; gates; and lodge.

5. The Shannon Pot 

The Shannon Pot’s fame can be traced back to the very early times of the legendary Finn MacCool and the Fianna, the great warriors of Irish mythology. Legend has it that Síonnan, the daughter of Lodan (a son of the Celtic God of the Sea, Lír), came to the Shannon Pot in search of the great Salmon of Wisdom. The great salmon was angered at the sight of Síonnan and caused the pool to overflow and drown the maiden. Thus the Shannon was created and still bears her name today.

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