Frequently Asked Questions about Waterways Ireland as an Organisation





To what Department or Minster does Waterways Ireland Report?

Waterways Ireland reports to the Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht in Ireland and to the Minister for Culture, Arts & Leisure in Northern Ireland.


Does Waterway Ireland have a Board of Directors and who is the Chairperson?

Waterways Ireland is managed by a Chief Executive who reports to the North South Ministerial Council and the joint sponsor Departments.


How is Waterways Ireland funded?

Current Expenditure for Waterways Ireland comes 85% from the government in Ireland and 15% from the government in Northern Ireland reflecting that 15% of the waterways under the organisations' remit are in Northern Ireland. Capital Expenditure comes solely from the government in the jurisdiction in which the work is being undertaken.


How many people used the waterways last year?

Waterways Ireland is unable to provide accurate data on waterway usage as the 1000km of waterway under the organisations remit have multiple free access points and are used for recreational activities as diverse as cruising walking, sailing, angling, rowing, cycling, canoeing and community festivals as events. Waterways Ireland is able to provide figures for lock passages where boats have moved through a lock on the system, however this information is limited in providing meaningful interpretation as to usage rates. 


Does Waterways Ireland give grants?

Waterways Ireland currently provides support for waterway recreational events through the Waterways Ireland Sponsorship Programme. Waterways Ireland provides no support for capital or maintenance projects. 


Is Waterways Ireland responsible for flood management for the waterways

Flood management in the Republic of Ireland is the responsibility of the Office of Public Works and in Northern Ireland is the responsibility of the Department of Agriculture - Rivers Agency.​